Terms and Conditions

Please read carefully as not complying with these terms and conditions may affect your experience.

Statement of Risk:
Canoeing is an assumed risk sport, participation in any watersports has a level of risk. As a participant make sure you are happy with the risks involved in participation and feel empowered to ask questions from your coach. You must not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Please make sure every participant is water confident as capsizes do happen. Be aware that the activities you choose to take part in are of a strenuous and adventurous nature. By booking you acknowledge such risk and therefore accept the need for responsible behaviour, including listening to and following safety instructions.

Covid – 19
If you have signs or symptoms of Covid -19 (this includes: high temperature, a new and continuous cough or a loss/change of sense of smell or taste) please feel free to isolate and stay at home, give us a call for a full refund. The same applies if you have been asked to isolate because of track and trace, a full refund will be given.
All we ask is to please give us as much notice as possible.

Persons under 18 years old.

Due to the nature of the activities undertaken we can not take bookings for youth groups or schools at the current time. Direct supervision from a parent or legal guardian is required throughout the experience with us. We legally cannot be put into a position of ‘Loco Parentis’ (acting as a parent) and cannot take groups of youngsters who do not have their own parent or guardian with them. Unfortunately this includes friends of children, as the adult is in ‘Loco Parentis’ of the other child which is not their own.

We are working towards attaining an Adventurous Activities License, until we hold this we would be contravening the Young Persons Safety Act 1995.

The younger the child, the quicker they cool down; for under 12s we advise bringing a change of clothes with you so we can put them into a large dry bag just in case. We have designed shorter experiences to allow youngsters an opportunity to get involved. The ages stated are guidelines and we are happy to take younger people on longer experiences, but due to the exposure to the elements, the risks associated increase.

Medical and Fitness Declaration

Persons who suffer from back or neck complaints or who are pregnant join in at their own risk. We do advise against it.

All participants should be able to swim with a buoyancy aid the width of the river at its widest point this is over 25 meters. This includes younger paddlers, but can include the assistance of their parent/ guardian. We advise 1 adult to 1 child for weak swimmers who may need assistance.

Asthma and other breathing difficulties may be agitated by cold water immersion shock, please bring and inhalers with you.

Please inform your West Bay Canoes team member if you have any condition that may affect your ability to participate in the activity, including swimming in cold water!

Weather and Environment

The durations and activity are subject to change due to weather conditions. We can operate normal activities on the River up to a Gale force 7 wind. We do not control the sluice gate on the river and if this is opened (usually open October- Easter) emptying the river into the sea, then activities will not proceed and full refunds will be given. West Bay Canoes reserve the right to cancel your tour at short notice after a weather forecast is issued. Cancellations due to weather Warnings/Adverse weather is for your own safety. A full refund will only be applied if the experience is cancelled due to adverse weather.

In the event of cancellation, West Bay Canoes will not be held liable for other third party costs incurred associated with the booking such as coach hire, taxis etc.

Buoyancy Aids are supplied and must be worn at all times, please protect these items of essential PPE by wearing clothing (i.e. a T shirt) under the Buoyancy Aid.

We cannot guarantee specific bird or wildlife sightings.

The water quality in the Brit is generally good but use of pesticides, sudden downpours of rain or prolonged sunshine may affect its quality. You are advised to wash faces and hands after the experience and please do this before eating or drinking anything. If you are ill post contact with the water please tell the doctor you have been in contact with the river. West Bay Canoes cannot be held responsible for any post activity illness.

Clothing and changing

We recommend that you should wear warm clothing as water conditions are slow to adjust to the weather. If you wish to bring an extra fleece, hat and a windproof/waterproof jacket we will happily store these in a dry bag. We advise against wearing cotton items such as Jeans as they are very heavy when wet and can be difficult to swim in.

Please note we do not have changing facilities for you to use after the activity. We advise that you have a change of clothing in your car ready for when you finish with us. Please change with consideration for others and avoid exposure.

You will also need to wear something on your feet, old trainers are ideal.


Full payment before your session is required.

When booking, you must leave us with contact details for the day of your scheduled Experience.

72 Hours’ notice is required for cancellations or changes with regards to your booking.

Please note that groups are required to arrive 15 minutes before their experience time for essential safety briefing and to put on Buoyancy Aids.

Groups arriving late forfeit their experience unless we can reschedule to other times/dates or have their experience altered. These options are entirely at the discretion of West Bay Canoes.

Tickets & gift vouchers are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Third party liability insurance is provided.

Personal items (e.g. cameras and Mobile phones) are carried at the paddler’s own risk and should be waterproofed. We can store electronic car keys in a dry bag but can not guarantee their safety. If this is required please ask your instructor. West Bay Canoes cannot be held responsible for any damage sustained to electronic equipment during your session.

All information is correct at the time of posting but is subject to change.