Covid-19 update:

Under current guidelines we have two options; we can take a mix of households with a maximum group size of 5 (gatherings of 6 inc. your coach) or one household of any number if greater than 5 please feel free to get in touch!

We have measures in place to keep the 2 meters social distance between staff and clients, we cannot keep clients at a social distance from each other. At this time we can only accept one booking from a household or social bubble.

Boats, seats and gunwales and paddles will be cleaned with anti-bacterial before you arrive.

Buoyancy aids will be cleaned after use with a 4 step process; wet, dunked in anti-bacterial solution, rinsed and dried between every user.

On arrival you will he asked to clean your hands before being advised and supervised on how to fit your buoyancy aids with us maintaining our distance.

Getting into the craft we would usually hold the boat, we have a solution involving poles and ropes to hold the canoe in a stable position aiding your entry and exit.

On the water social distancing is easily maintained between craft and the coach can guide you how to paddle the canoe and take you on a journey.

In the unlikely event of a capsize staff have practiced social distancing rescues to help you back into your canoe. In the unlikely event we have to get closer then 2 meters to you we will adopt appropriate PPE to keep you and our team safe.

Additional to this we have changed our policy on refunds to give 100% return if you have isolate due to symptoms or test and trace.

We have kept our prices the same as our previous open (to anyone) tours for the last 5 years, even when we only have 1 or 2 clients boats with us on the water!

We welcome any questions on how we are keeping you safe.

BTA (British Tourist Authority) ‘We’re Good To Go’, demonstrating our commitment to have in place and follow industry and Government COVID-19 guidance on cleanliness and social distancing.

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